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A big thank you to Ryan, Peter and the team from Drummond Golf Maroochydore for their continued sponsorship of the Pennant Player of the Year in all grades.

Drummond Golf

Round 4 - Pelican Waters - 6 June

Full Results

  Division 1 - Scratch Play  
Caloundra 1 - 3 Pelican
Maroochy River 3 - 1 Cooroy
  Division 2 - Handicap Play  
Glasshouse 2 - 2 Gympie
Maroochy River 2 1 - 3 Noosa
Maroochy River 1 3 - 12 Headland
Noosa Springs 3 - 1 Mt Coolum
  Division 3 - Handicap Play  
Gympie 2 - 2 Caloundra
Noosa Pending Maroochy River

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Pelican Pelican Pelican Pelicn Pelican Pelican
Pelican Pelican Pelican Pelican Pelican Pel;ican
Pelican Pelican Pelican Pelican Pelican Pelican

A Grade Draw

A Grade Pennant draw

Interested in the results from the Kingaroy Masters Tour event held on Tuesday 4 April.

Check out the results here.

Over 50 years of age and never played a District Masters event?

Come join us for a fun day of golf played with a whole bunch of like minded golfers.  Make some new friends.  Play some different courses.  All for just $18

Check out the details of the next event at Woodford here.



Congratulations to Chris Bodey from Wondai. 2023 Open and Closed Sand Green Champion.

Full list of results Championship results.


Numbers are limited. Get your nominations in quickly.

SBG Sand Green Champs

The R&A and the United States Golf Association have inrtoduced some changes to the Rules of Golf which will take effect on January 2023.

Major changes include four new sub-rules for golfers with disability that permit an “approved person” to perform certain actions that would result in a penalty if performed by a non-approved person.
The New Year will also see a series of rule changes take effect that will apply to every golfer.

For most of us the main changes are:

1. Simplified Back-on-the-Line Relief.

This relief procedure, often used for penalty area and unplayable ball relief, has been simplified so the ball is now dropped on the line, and may roll up to one club-length in any direction without a re-drop being required. This change simplifies what had become a complex procedure that was regularly breached by golfers without them realising they had done so. It represents a return to the essence of the easy-to-apply, pre-2019 process, which was almost entirely free of inaccurate application by golfers at any level of the game.

2. Handicap on Scorecard.

Golfers will no longer incur a penalty under the Rules of Golf for accidentally recording an incorrect Daily Handicap on their scorecard. This is because the inclusion of the handicap in the official submission of a player’s score will become a responsibility of the Committee. This change is consistent with other penalty reductions, such as reducing the penalty down to only one stroke for playing an incorrectly substituted ball. (Note: In the same way that players are obliged to calculate Stableford points and to include score totals on their scorecard despite the Rules not requiring it, they will also be obliged to record their Daily Handicap when doing so will be helpful to administrators. GA will support any committee that encounters a problem in achieving assistance from golfers with this fundamental obligation.)

3. Replacing Damaged Clubs.

If your club is damaged during a round (except in cases of abuse) you may replace it, repair it, or continue to use it.

To read more go to 2023 Rule Changes

Taking Relief

Penalty Relief

Penalty Relief for Unplayable Ball Penalty Area Relief

Take a look at the following list. How many are you guilty of?
Most golfers don't fix their pitch marks correctly.

Click on this link to see 7 maintenance mistakes that golfers make too often, according to superintendents

What can I do and not do in a bunker?

What can I do and not do on the putting green?


R&A Guidelines on correctly taking free relief.

The Spirit of the Game


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