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Tee times for Sunday, 16th June, B & Masters Pennant at Noosa Golf Club


Mt Coolum B Grade

Noosa Springs B Grade

Headland B Grade

Nambour B Grade


Gympie B Grade

Maroochy River B Grade

Mt Coolum Masters

Noosa Springs Masters


Headland Masters

Nambour Masters

Gympie Masters

Maroochy River Masters


Cooroy Open 2024

Sth Burnett Closed-Open


Maroochy River 2 - 5 Bribie Island Gympie 4 - 3 Headland Gympie 2 - 5 Headland
Maleny 3 - 4 Caboolture Nambour 3 - 4 Mt Coolum Nambour 5 - 2 Mt Coolum
Beerwah 5½ - 1½ Noosa Maroochy River 1½ - 5½ Noosa Springs Maroochy River 2½ - 4½ Noosa Springs
Mt Coolum 2 - 5 Headland Tin Can Bay 2 - 5 Peregian Springs Tin Can Bay 4 - 3 Peregian Springs
Woodford 2 - 5 Caloundra Noosa 4 - 3 Cooroy Noosa 4 - 3 Cooroy
      Caloundra 5 - 2 Maroochy River B Caloundra 3 - 4 Twin Waters




What one thing annoys golfers more than anything else?

Is it:
* Poor course maintenance
* Music on the course
* Club throwing
* Slow play
* Not filling fairway divots
* Not fixing plug marks on greens
* Dress Code

What do you think it is?

Go here to see the results of the Golf Digest survey.


SCGZ Pennant Conditions

Hi Team

I use the term “TEAM” with great pride, in knowing that the video link below (Documentary) was created and brought to bear by a team of positive likeminded men, women, our juniors, their families and a great team of golf clubs, sponsors and supporters, who all believed in the vision The Invincibles had some twenty plus years ago and were prepared to throw their support and energy behind that vision.

It is fair to say, that you have helped change the lives of so many of our juniors, their families, and the golfing community at large over the years, and for that, we are enormously grateful!

In the process, we hope you gained as much pride, joy, and satisfaction in what has been achieved during the journey The Invincibles have taken, as we have working with you!

The Invincibles committee would like to encourage all junior golfers and their families to support the Sunshine Coast, South Burnett, and Glasshouse (SBG) golf associations, as we believe they have the best interest of junior golf at heart and are doing everything in their power to maintain the same high standards, traditions, and etiquette that The Invincibles were renowned for.


Invincibles Documentary

Congratulations to Adam Richards for taking out his second Open and Closed District Championship following on from last year's wins at Bribie Island.
Seniors winner for 2023 is Glenn Esden from Mt Coolum.
Click on the images below for a larger view.

Open & Closed results Seniors Championship

Get the latest information from the R&A on Free Relief

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Videos and notes HERE.

Congratulations to these young golfers

Invincibles Scholarships
Invincibles Scholarship receipient Sophie Thomsen, Chase Rendell and Ruby Kavanagh with Invincibles stalwarts Frank Schmidt (left) and Graeme Miller (right)

The Invincibles Re-Direct Their Vision:

The Invincibles Committee appreciate that it came as a total shock to the one hundred and forty odd guests seated in the room at their Annual Presentation Dinner, hosted by the Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort in November 2023, when they advised that the Invincibles would not be accepting memberships heading into 2023. Graeme Miller announced that the Tour, as we know it, would be going into retirement.

Graeme mentioned that it had been an emotional time for his wife Marshan, Frank Schmidt and, of course, himself and everyone associated with The Tour. And he assured everybody it had not been a decision taken lightly.

Graeme indicated that The Invincibles Committee had had discussions with Golf Australia and PGA professionals.  They held forums and sought to find somebody or some group to take over.

That was when Eric King and Graeme Finn (SBG) and Graeme Miller got together, along with Frank Schmidt, to see if there was a way to create a positive and sustainable path forward that would allow The Invincibles legacy to prosper moving forward.

After a number of fruitful meetings, it was agreed that The Invincibles would put their trust and support behind the Sunshine Coast, Burnett, and Glasshouse Associations (SBG) with the aim of bringing Junior Golf under the one banner which The Invincibles believe will deliver the best possible outcome for junior golf in our region and beyond.

Graeme advised that the retiring Invincibles Tour would be presenting SBG with their Junior Masters, Gold Cup, and Brett Martell Inter-Club Team Shield along with The Most Supportive Club trophies with the aim of honouring those that have had their names engraved on the trophies over the past two decades.

As mentioned at the dinner, The Invincibles would be presenting scholarships to worthy juniors, not juniors that are already supported by Golf Australia, but those juniors that reflected The Invincibles mantra, of Daring to Dream and striving to become the best possible golfers and young men and women that they can be.

We are proud and thrilled to advise that the first recipient of The Invincibles Scholarships was Ellandi Findlay (Maroochy River) who The Invincibles Committee believe epitomises these qualities.

It is important to note that Frank and Graeme will be visiting SBG Junior Tour events with the intent of presenting further scholarships to worthy recipients, so it is important that you throw your support behind the SBG and their events. Who knows, you could be the next recipient of one of these Scholarships?

The R&A and the United States Golf Association have inrtoduced some changes to the Rules of Golf which will take effect on January 2023.

Major changes include four new sub-rules for golfers with disability that permit an “approved person” to perform certain actions that would result in a penalty if performed by a non-approved person.
The New Year will also see a series of rule changes take effect that will apply to every golfer.

For most of us the main changes are:

1. Simplified Back-on-the-Line Relief.

This relief procedure, often used for penalty area and unplayable ball relief, has been simplified so the ball is now dropped on the line, and may roll up to one club-length in any direction without a re-drop being required. This change simplifies what had become a complex procedure that was regularly breached by golfers without them realising they had done so. It represents a return to the essence of the easy-to-apply, pre-2019 process, which was almost entirely free of inaccurate application by golfers at any level of the game.

2. Handicap on Scorecard.

Golfers will no longer incur a penalty under the Rules of Golf for accidentally recording an incorrect Daily Handicap on their scorecard. This is because the inclusion of the handicap in the official submission of a player’s score will become a responsibility of the Committee. This change is consistent with other penalty reductions, such as reducing the penalty down to only one stroke for playing an incorrectly substituted ball. (Note: In the same way that players are obliged to calculate Stableford points and to include score totals on their scorecard despite the Rules not requiring it, they will also be obliged to record their Daily Handicap when doing so will be helpful to administrators. GA will support any committee that encounters a problem in achieving assistance from golfers with this fundamental obligation.)

3. Replacing Damaged Clubs.

If your club is damaged during a round (except in cases of abuse) you may replace it, repair it, or continue to use it.

To read more go to 2023 Rule Changes

Taking Relief

Penalty Relief

Penalty Relief for Unplayable Ball Penalty Area Relief

Take a look at the following list. How many are you guilty of?
Most golfers don't fix their pitch marks correctly.

Click on this link to see 7 maintenance mistakes that golfers make too often, according to superintendents

What can I do and not do in a bunker?

What can I do and not do on the putting green?


R&A Guidelines on correctly taking free relief.

The Spirit of the Game


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