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2024 pennant result sheets require the specification of an advice giver as described in The Rules of Golf 24.4a

24.4a  Person Allowed to Give Advice to Team (Advice Giver)
The Committee may adopt a Local Rule allowing each team to name one person (an “advice giver”) who may give advice and other help as allowed in Rule 10.2 to players on the team during a round and who may be asked for advice by players on the team:
  • The advice giver may be the team captain, a team coach or other person (including a team member playing in the competition).
  • The advice giver must be identified to the Committee before giving advice.
  • The Committee may allow a team’s advice giver to change during a round or during the competition.
24.4b  Restriction on Advice Giver While Playing
If a team’s advice giver is a player on the team, they are not allowed to act in that role while playing a round in the competition. While playing a round, the advice giver is treated like any other playing team member for purposes of the restrictions on advice and other help in Rule 10.2.
24.4c No Advice between Team Members Other Than Partners
Except when playing together as partners on a side:
  • A player must not ask for advice from or give advice to a member of their team playing on the course.
  • This applies whether the team member is playing in the same group as the player or in another group on the course.

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