2019 MID-AM+SENIOR Flyer


Conditions of Competition



Conditions of Competition
2019 MID-AM+SENIOR Flyer

The Sunshine Coast has five players selected in the Queensland Men's and Women's Teams for 2019.

Congratulations to local products:

  • Chris Crabtree (Pelican Waters)
  • Dylan Gardner (Pelican Waters)
  • Lochie Coleborn (Mt Coolum)
  • Sarah Wilson (Maroochy River)
  • Cassie Porter (Peregian)

State pride is on the line when the 2019 Australian Interstate Series heads to Tasmania next month. The Australian Men's Interstate Series will be played across four days from 7-10 May at Tasmania Golf Club with a refreshed eight-man Victorian team attempting a three-peat after wins in each of the past two years.

The Australian Women's Interstate Series will be played across three days from 7-9 May at Royal Hobart Golf Club with an in-form NSW team searching for a second consecutive title.

The series is played in singles match play in a round robin format.

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Definition - Provisional Ball

Another ball played in case the ball just played by the player may be:

  • Out of bounds, or
  • Lost outside a penalty area.

Rule 18.3a. When Provisional Ball Is Allowed

If a ball might be lost outside a penalty area or be out of bounds, to save time the player may play another ball provisionally under penalty of stroke and distance (see Rule 14.6).

For a ball that might be lost, this applies:

  • When the original ball has not been found and identified and is not yet lost, and
  • When a ball might be lost in a penalty area but also might be lost somewhere else on the course.

But if the player is aware that the only possible place the original ball could be lost is in a penalty area, a provisional ball is not allowed and a ball played from where the previous stroke was made becomes the player’s ball in play under penalty of stroke and distance (see Rule 18.1).

Official Interpretation 18.3a/1 - When Player May Play Provisional Ball

When a player is deciding whether he or she is allowed to play a provisional ball, only the information that is known by the player at that time is considered. Examples where a provisional ball may be played include when:

  • The original ball might be in a penalty area, but it might also be lost outside a penalty area or be out of bounds.
  • A player believes the original ball came to rest in the general area and it might be lost. If it is later found in a penalty area within the three-minute search time, the player must abandon the provisional ball.

The 2019 Calendar of events is currently being developed and finalised for all Golf Clubs, Golf Zones, Districts, as well as State and National bodies.

If you would like your event listed on our Calendar of Events, please notify us via golf(at)scsbdga.com.au.

To view the current Calendar click this link: SUNSHINE COAST GOLF CALENDAR